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Our battery doesn't contain any toxic chemicals, no need of import of raw materials, no soil water air pollution

Cuttack, India
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Abhishek mohapatra
10 months ago


Solution with Plantery, we offer plant-based batteries that utilize organic compounds extracted from plants. This provides a renewable, non-toxic, and eco-friendly alternative to traditional batteries. Our plant-based batteries are rechargeable and can power various devices and applications.

We want to solve only this problem by

Sustainable use of abundant organic compounds from plants and grasses

Reducing need for chemical resource mining.


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Plantery Plant based batteries



We want to solve only this problem for Sustainable use of abundant organic compounds from plants and grasses Reducing need for chemical resource mining. Reduce Soil & Water toxicity by traditional batteries & e-waste. Easy disposal of plant-based batteries to reduce carbon footprint through mass Cost-effective utilization of low-cost raw materials for battery production. Compatibility with renewable energy sources for efficient energy storage. Provision of clean and affordable energy solutions for rural households and street vendors, improving access to lighting in underserved areas.



Unique use of Abundant and Biodegradable Plant Materials for energy storage. Utilization of specialized membrane separation technology in manufacturing. Integration with renewable energy sources for clean and sustainable energy storage. Rechargeable technology for long-lasting and reusable energy storage Lower Cost and Zero Environmental Impact Versatility for Various Applications




Yes we are trying our pilot testing by giving out the solution to a small focus group users such as street vendors who use to power a led powered by solar panel but at night they need to have the battery to glow it to operate their business without , we are trying to glow that small led light devices to help in their operations at night time by storing solar renewable energy in our renewable storage solution plantery , we are also trying to make b2b partnership with local emergency light manufactures to make a sustainable emergency device with our battery for rural areas with half the cost and which will in replacing lead acid battery pollution reducing climate impact


Cuttack, India


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