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Dhrangadhra, India
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Nilesh J Sompura
1 years ago


Global Issue: POST HARVEST ISSUES IN "STORING & TRANSPORTING" of GRAINS/PULSES/SUGAR and other Dry-BULK Processed or Manufactured Agri Products.


We have Innovated Simple Hexagon Shape Container for any type of Dry-Bulk Cargoes. Its made up from HDPE Plastic Material with customized size ranging from 3Mt to 30Mt.

Its Uniqueness or USP are:

1) Its loaded from Top with the help of simple Crane or Hydra or Conveyor Bel...

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@ Rs1.5Cr for Final Prototype,


It directly improves the Economic status of each Farmers. Reduces Drudgery. Give respectful Farming business solution. Creates jobs and Attracts more youths in Agri Business. Nation gets more Exports and increase GDP Growth. Enhances Supply chain business. Helps protect Seeds in Govt Seed Storage Godowns.




Its Design is Innovative - Loading from Top and Unloading from Bottom. Its Operation is Innovative- Unloading with Smart Lever Gear. It Solves multiple issues for Proper, Safe and Easy Storing and Transporting of Agri Products. Previous solution is full of Drudgery or Costly in Loading and Unloading. Its stored in Gunny bags of 50kg which are fragile and not reusable. Spoils due to Insect attack, Moisture and Rainfall. Quality and Quantity is compromised which is biggest loss to Nation in Exporting Agri products in international Market.




Pilots has to done. Our Actual size 1st Prototype is ready as Demo, made from MS Steel fabrication. But final prototype will be in HDPE Plastic Material.


Dhrangadhra, India


Resources Needed


Sustainable Development Goals

This solution addresses the following problems.


Decentralised storage and technologies to improve shelf life of the produce

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Created by Siddharth Bharadwaj

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