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Building Women Livestock farmer organisation to manage Goat Breeding & Marketing Center

Lucknow, India
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Sanjeev Kumar
1 year ago


In Partnership with The Goat Trust , NN Breeds & Seeds India Pvt Ltd is setting up Goat breeding and Marketing center to enhance productivity of goats and setting up an efficient Goat trading cum marketing center .
Goat Breeding and marketing center is a low cost intervention (Estimated cost is Rs 10 Lakh for 18 months) which runs on sustainable basis after initial cost of system and process setting.
Such centers manned by 2 member team promotes Pashu Sakhies at vi

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Pashu Bajaar


10 to 25 lakh


As on average Goat farmers with 5 goats earn Rs 35000 in first year and reaches to Rs 100000 income within 3 years by selling goat kids, goat milk and goat dung to the center and linking with larger Bakarid buck and breed goat markets




1. Artificial insemination in Goats to enhance productivity 2. Live body weight & grading based pricing 3. Mobile and web based Buyer seller linkages and linking to Livestock E commerce - 4. Pashu Sakhies for door step livestock business services 5. Goat milk , meat and dung value added products


18 months


13 Blocks of Maharashtra , 5 blocks of Tripura has such pilots completed in 2018 to 2020.


Lucknow, India


Resources Needed


Sustainable Development Goals

This solution addresses the following problems.


Goat farming in spite of large markets has not been able to unleash potential as commercial Business

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