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Reduce air pollution and fertilizer use: A paddy and vegetable waste decomposition formulation for sustainable and regenerative agriculture.

New Delhi, India
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Nanja Siddiqui
1 year ago


Dcompoz promotes regenerative and sustainable agriculture. It turns the crop residues/stubble into bio-fertilizer in 10-15 days. This will be directly absorbed by the soil which will increase the NPK and promote regenerative agriculture.
Dcompoz can also be used to make liquid fertilizer from vegetable wastes for further uses.Currently, it is undergoing field trials which DST supports under Agri-Udaan.


Ruhvenile Biomedical



Nearly 150 million farmers will benefit from this. Dcompoz use will lessen the dependency on fertilizers, saving ₹ 1500-2000/ha for plant nutrients. Furthermore, this will have a net carbon negative effect. It helps in curbing air pollution due to stubble burning. Farmers will be able to get rid of stubble without damaging soil fertility and will have enough time for the next crop. Homeowners can also use it to prepare compost at home with vegetable waste.



Dcompoz is based on patented technology developed by Ruhvenile Biomedical, unlike other biodecomposers it takes only 10-15 days to completely decompose the crop stubble. Moreover, it doesn't need longer preparation time. Its special formulation invites and promotes the growth of beneficial microbes already present in the fields.




Many field trials are going on at Punjab Agricultural University, and several farmers from Haryana are helping us test Dcompoz in their farmlands. So far we are receiving positive feedback from there. But we need to increase the area and scope of field trials.


New Delhi, India


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Stubble burning

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Created by Nanja Siddiqui

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