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A Novel biotech based intervention to reduce post harvest losses

Patiala, India
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Sanjai Saxena
3 years ago


This intervention creates a decentralized environment in fruits and vegetables pack, to reduce decay and deterioration which is largely driven by microbes under improper storage and transportation conditions.


Agpharm BioInnovations LLP


65 lakhs


It is going to be a disruptive solution, which will drastically improve the storage handling capacity of small and medium farmers, which in turn will reduce the crash selling by farmers and give them fair price of their produce, thereby benefitting them economically. This shall also improve the storage and transportation conditions of different channel players in the agribusiness supply chain. Further it will reduce the input of synthetic harmful chemicals as well as emissions of green house gases.



Much cannot be disclosed on the open platform as patent application is in process and confidentiality issues exist.


18 months


Yet to be carried out, need funding for the same


Patiala, India


Resources Needed


Sustainable Development Goals

This solution addresses the following problems.


Post harvest losses from farm to plate

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Created by Sanjai Saxena

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