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Decentralised storage and technologies to improve shelf life of the produce

New Delhi, India
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Siddharth Bharadwaj
2 years ago


Due to poor post-harvest handling practices and inaccessible, inefficient and poor infrastructure across the supply chain results in significant post -harvest losses. The current high cost cold storage facilities and centralized storage technologies restricts the farmers from preventing post-harvest losses and realize better market value.


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New Delhi, India

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Created by Nilesh J Sompura


Modular low-cost cold storage system

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Created by Vishal Singhal

DRE enabled

The solution should be low cost as well and DRE enabled so that the reliance on electricity grids is minimised or not there.

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Shyamal Datta
1 years ago

Low-cost and low-energy consumption are key factors to increase uptake

Current cold storage facilities are based on refrigeration technology, which has high upfront costs and high energy consumption. Lack of reliable grid power in rural areas requires these systems to be powered using distributed renewable energy sources such as solar panels. Due to high energy consumption, a large number of solar panels are needed, which further increases the cost.

The typical cost of a solar-powered cold room with a storage capacity of 5 MT of fruits and

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Vishal Singhal
1 years ago
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